Mr.Haji Mohd. Ahmad Ansari


Mr.Haji Mohd. Ahmad Ansari

In this millennium, world is characterized by technology and constant change. In order to survive and perform successfully in the modern day competitive environment, we have to constantly adapt to innovation and be prepared to update knowledge and skills through continuous learning all the time. At HMFA, we produce professionals who have the optimum mix of attitude, skill and knowledge to adopt themselves to the verging trends with confidence and pursue their chosen professions with comfort.

We endeavor to ensure that every student's needs and expectations are fulfilled, thus enhancing the ability to acquire and apply knowledge. Our highly professional and dedicated faculty drawn from academia and industry possess impressive credentials, a missionary zeal in teaching and are involved in shaping careers at HMFA Memorial Institute of Engineering and Technology . So come and join our growing community of self-confident young scholars.





  • Designs and defines the organization’s structure.
  • Defines and delegates responsibilities of various positions in the organization
  • Ensures periodic monitoring & evaluation of various processes & sub- processes
  • Looks after the overall development of institute
  • Mobilizes external resources to strengthen the institute
  • Plans & provides for necessary facilities / equipment for development.
  • Instills confidence and devotion in every member of the College
  • Ensures effective purchase procedure is followed
  • Defines quality policies and objectives
  • Prepares annual budget
  • Conducts periodic meeting of various bodies such as Governing Body, College Academic Council, and Grievances Redressal Committee, etc.
  • Manages accounts and finance
  • Manages employee recruitment process
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