Mechanical Engineering Department


Mechanical Engineering Department of HMFA Memorial Institute of Engineering and Technology started functioning from the year 2008 with a sanctioned intake of 60 students per annum and in 2011-12 the intake has been increased from 60 to 120 per annum. From this academic year(2012-13) the intake has been increased from 120 to 180 per annum. The focus of the department is to offer quality e ducation in the specialized fields of Design, Manufacturing, Thermal and Materials engineering. The might of the Department, apart from its Students, is its Qualified and Experienced Faculty/Staff. The faculty strength includes 5 doctorates working as professors and assistant professors and 8 faculties. Faculties are actively engaged in Teaching and mentoring students apart from perusing their research activities in the emerging fields of engineering, extending consultancy activities with the manufacturing environment and also established mutually rewarding professional relationships with many a leading R&D Labs/Research Institutions.


Vision of the Department:

To impart education of highest standards that will prepare students for productive careers as competent professionals in Mechanical Engineering, and for higher studies and research. 

Mission of the Department:

The department strives to provide the engineering foundation as well as professional, innovative and leadership skills to the students through the following activities:

M1. Lay sound foundation in the areas of mechanics, design, thermal sciences and production processes, as well as allied engineering  areas.

M2. Enrich the undergradate experience through experimental learning, and fostering a personalized and supportive environment that makes learning joyful and stimulating

M3. Encourage design and development of mechanical engineering components and systems to meet specific needs.

M4. Provide opportunities to develop good communication skills, and to encourage creativity and entrepreneurial skills

M5. Make students aware of professional responsibility, ethics, global impact of engineering solutions, and of the need for life-long learning.

M6. Provide research and intellectual resources to address contemporary and complex problems of industry and to advance research and applications. 

Program Educational Objectives of B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)

Mechanical Engineering is a broad discipline that incorporates skills and expertise in the areas which are essential to most sectors of industry.

Bachelors programme in Mechanical Engineering is aimed at preparing graduates who will

PEO1: Establish themselves as successful professionals while working independently or in multidisciplinary teams demonstrating professional, ethical and societal responsibilities

PEO2: Have high levels of technical competency and problem solving skills to generate innovative solutions to engineering problems.

PEO3: Continuously enhance their skills through training, independent inquiry, professional practices and / or pursuit of higher education or research.

PEO4: Advance in their careers through increased technical and managerial responsibility as well as attainment of leadership positions. 


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Mechanical Engineering Department
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